Does this knitwear piece remind you of my “Coral Reef” from Haiku Knits?

As one of my friends said: “You were ahead of your time.  But we knew that…”

Recently I was browsing the internet for new trends in knitwear, and came across new pieces from one of my favorite, incredible (and incredibly expensive) Italian designers, Brunello Cucinelli. I realized that this piece looks strikingly familiar, almost exactly like the piece I designed for my book, Haiku Knits, published in 2009 (Random House). See for yourself below. If you can imagine my piece in Gray with a little sequence, then voila…you have Brunello Cucinelli… Now, the most important part, the price tag. Mine would cost you a little bit of yarn and your time to knit it, but Brunello Cucinelli’s….$3,340.00

Here you have it…Learn to knit!naomi_050_medium2Brunellotop1


Annual trip to the Huntington Library and Gardens.

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I miss white winters in Kiev


I miss white winters in Kiev


New day, new design


Faceted labradorite necklace with leather and sterling silver clasp, crocheted using stainless steel silk thread.


My Melancholia

The end of the world didn’t happen today, but the sunset did look ominous…ImageImage

Made me think of the movie Melancholia,